Tips For couple Looking For Male On Couples Hookup Site

Posted by | Aug 04, 2020

couple looking for male

Couples around the world are looking to find hookups and the best place for that has become the internet. When looking to find a male for a hookup these sites can be great but you will not just want to find any male but the male that is right to join your couple. Sexual compatibility can make the experience much more enjoyable. Today we are going to take a look at some of the best tips for couples looking for a male on a couple hookup site.

Have Great Couple Photos

Photos play an important role on any hookup site. On these sites you don't meet in person right away so the only way someone has of establishing what you look like is with the photo on your profile. Taking high-quality pictures for your profile is essential so that people can get a good idea of what you look like. You also want your photo to feature both partners. Photos with only one of the couple are often seen as potential red flags that the profile is fake.

Message People That May Not Be Perfect

Not every person that you hookup with is going to be the perfect person for you but that doesn't matter. For a hookup you aren't looking for someone who is perfect, you are looking for someone to just have fun with. Message everyone that you are even somewhat interested in and see where it goes. The worst-case scenario is that you gain experience talking with potential hookups and meeting up with potential hookups.

Spend Time Writing Responses

Sending messages on a couple hookup site isn't the same as sending text messages, they shouldn't be brief and use text speak. Instead of brief messages, spend some time as a couple seeking a male to write your responses so that they have content that will interest the other person. This is especially important for the first message, the first message you send needs to catch the attention of the male on the hookup site.

A great way to make your messages more interesting is to use something from the other person's profile in the message. Using a little snippet shows the other person that you read their profile and also that you are interested enough to do so.

Keep Safety in Mind

Even as a couple looking for male it is important to remember safety. Never give out personal information until you are ready to meet with someone. This helps to protect both yourself and your partner should the person on the other end be fake. Another important safety step is to meet the third person for your hookup in a public space. Meeting in a public space allows everyone involved to feel safe, no one has to worry about being in a private place when they meet someone for the first time.

One other safety aspect to keep in mind is sexually transmitted diseases. You should always use protection when using a hookup site because you do not truly know who you are meeting up with. Even an STD test isn't a guarantee that the person hasn't contracted something since the test.

Now that we have talked about safety it is important to remember that the point of a couples hookup site is that you are supposed to enjoy yourself. Keep the hookup light-hearted and make the process of finding a male something that you and your partner can enjoy. Also, make sure that you find the best couple hookup site for your area, if you don't spend the time finding the right place to go to you may miss out on finding men for your couple hookup.