What Should A Swinger Couple When Couple Looking For Unicorn Online?

Posted by DatingSitesForCouple.com | Feb 23, 2020

couple looking for unicorn

It is one thing to be in search of someone to have a good time with like a swinger couple; it is another to be looking for someone you can have something more with. A Unicorn is rare to find, and finding one usually takes more than just searching because nobody finds them by simply searching for them. To understand better what a Unicorn is, it refers to a person (female) who is willing to love and live with a couple. A unicorn must be single, bisexual, healthy, and without the disease. Being well-educated and gainfully employed are additional qualities that make a person more desirable as a Unicorn.

Being a Unicorn comes with a lot of expectations, which may include traveling to another location to be with the couple, having the perfect body that suits the couple's fantasies, and being sexually adventurous. The most important part of all is that the unicorn must love each of the members of the couple equally, and she must be ready to be the secondary partner after the couple's commitment to each other.

So, if you have been thinking of having a threesome or fantasized about hooking up with a third person but you would like a more permanent arrangement, finding a Unicorn is the best option for you. There are lots of approaches for a couple looking for unicorn, but these days, most couples search online. Now, you may think that finding a Unicorn online is impossible because they are rare to find, but you must know that finding one online is possible. Thus, as a swinger couple looking for third or a couple looking for unicorn online, below are the things you should do.

1. Sell Yourselves

As much as the whole couple looking for unicorn arrangement is about you, remember always that it is equally about the unicorn too. So, when setting up your online profile, start communicating from there. Put up an appealing description of you and your partner, starting with your photo. In the description, talk about how alluring and spicy you find threesomes and put up reasons why a Unicorn should consider joining you.

Do you have something great to offer apart from the hot and sexy couple looks?

The goal here is to make potential Unicorns feel like they are about to go into something great. They must feel safe and valued. Remember, they are humans too, and you should make sure the unicorn does not feel used. Give them assurances of pleasure and seeing the whole experience through so that all parties can have utmost fun and pleasure.

2. Let Them Know Exactly What You Want

Unicorns do not read minds and will not automatically assume what you have not explicitly defined simply because you are a couple looking for unicorn. Be clear and upfront with your wants. Are you looking for a threesome for just one night or are you looking for a long-term relationship? Are you in an open relationship or you seek a polyamorous relationship? What are the things you expect of the unicorn? What does the unicorn expect, and what are they looking for?

These questions and more of them are quite important when going into a relationship with a Unicorn. It clears the confusion, and it lets every party know what exactly to expect. Don't be a swinger couple looking for unicorn without defining the terms and end up messing things up. Remember finding a Unicorn is hard; so, when you find one, do right by her.

3. Run Through Everything in Advance

Without making it a theme, we must reiterate that getting into a threesome relationship with a Unicorn is all about the details. It all lies in the details, and being a swinger couple looking for a Unicorn; nothing beats talking about all the things that will happen in the threesome in advance. Make sure you cover all bases without leaving anything out.

Once you meet a Unicorn that tickles your fancy, talk to her about your needs and wants; necessary protection measures against sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. It would be best if you also talked about what happens next after the threesome. Can she stay over? Will she have to take a cab? Will it lead to a long-term relationship?

Covering all the bases in advance puts you at ease and makes you certain that you are not crossing any boundaries. You want a healthy, enjoyable, and pleasurable experience for you, your partner, and the unicorn. Also remember, that the unicorn is the lone party in this arrangement – she does not know you – and putting forward excellent communication helps them satisfy your fantasies better.

The worst-case scenarios are equally important for consideration. For instance, if you or your partner start feeling uncomfortable about fucking another person or get turned off along the way, what happens? Is there a safe word? Does the safe word signify the end of the threesome or a brief pause? Communicating about these things is important, and you should encourage your unicorn to be open about what makes them comfortable and otherwise.

4. Go for a Drink With Your Unicorn

After a swinger couple finds the perfect Unicorn match online, the next thing is meeting the unicorn in person. The keys to a great threesome are attraction and excellent chemistry. You cannot know how well you will connect with your unicorn without meeting them in person before you all go down with one another. So, invite them out and go for a drink. See it as a date and get to know each other better than what your online profile says.

Without meeting your unicorn in person, you will not know whether you hit it off with her. If the drink hits the right spots, you all might feel all sexed up and drive straight home to get started. However, it is usually best not to have any sexual expectations so that everyone can decide properly on what they want before getting into action. It sometimes happens that you or your partner develop some doubts that neither of you wants to bring up in the presence of the unicorn. It will be best for everyone to return to their homes, have some personal time, and talk things through. For a couple looking for unicorn, when you find a potential, there is no need to rush.

5. Appreciate their Pleasure

You must try your best to make your unicorn not feel used. They are not a sex toy, and you should not make them cater to your every need (except you discussed this with them in advance). Already, they are the odd one out since they are the third person in the relationship; thus, you should make them feel special at all times. Find ways to seduce and pleasure them, make them feel good and appreciated. They are human just like you, and you must treat them as such.

As a swinger couple looking for a third, do well to respect your unicorn's boundaries and feelings. Do not try unexpected or new things out with them without discussing it first. Then, to end the experience, make sure you thank them immensely for helping you achieve your fantasy.