Rules For LGBT Couples Need To Follow On Couples Dating Sites

Posted by | Aug 29, 2019
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Bi couples can have a lot of fun on the internet. A lot of similar people are out there looking for a threesome or some couple on couple action. Finding couples on the internet isn’t hard but there are some rules you will need to follow to help make the experience enjoyable for everyone. We are going to take a look at some of those rules today.

Be Upfront

When you are filling out your dating profile it is important to take every effort to be honest and upfront. That means you need to list yourself as a bi couple on your profile so that people know who they are talking to. Don’t list yourself as just the person filling out the profile. If the profile has a section where you can write about yourself, detail about both of you.

It also helps to be upfront about what you are looking for. By doing so, you are helping to ensure that you find high-quality matches. List whether you are looking for a couples hookup, dating, a regular thing, etc. Not everyone is looking for the same type of relationship.

Be Ready For Not Everyone To Be Open

Not everyone is looking for LGBT couples, you need to be prepared for people to not be open to what you are asking for. This even happens on couples dating sites. Sometimes couples are looking for swinging or some other alternative as opposed to what you may be looking for. Everyone has different desires. It helps to go into alternative dating situations with your mind open.

The best couples dating sites allow you to filter out other couples or individuals based on what you were looking for. Such websites are much easier to use and many people prefer such website. Try to look for this feature when picking couples dating site.

Have A Picture Of Both Of You, Together

Many people on the internet are trying to scam or catfish other internet users. Should an interested person or couple come across your profile on a couples dating site they will expect to see at least one picture of you and your partner together. It seems a bit fishy if you don’t have any bi couple photos and others interested in couples hookup might be skeptical.

Make Sure To Discuss Whether You Are Out Or Not

If you are considering doing anything as a group when it comes to LGBT couples dating it is important to know whether the others are out of the closet or not. You don’t want to do something where a friend or family member might see if they are not out of the closet. Even if there aren’t friends or family around, those who are in the closet may feel uncomfortable with something as simple as hand-holding in public.

Of course, this only really applies if you are planning to do anything in public. That being said, it is very important to ask if you are. You don’t want to make your partner feel uncomfortable.

If you read most articles about LGBT dating you will see that they recommend not dating someone who isn’t at the same stage of coming out of the closet as you. When you are doing couples dating this isn’t as important. During couples dating people often feel just as comfortable meeting up with people who aren’t in the closet as those who are because they are doing so as a couple.

Do Be Safe When Dating Couples

Being safe on any dating site is important but it isn’t like the other rules on this list. It is more about what you do on the site and not about what other LGBT couples do. Safety when it comes to online dating takes a lot of forms. You may think firstly about being safe when meeting someone for the first time but that is not the only form of safety there is.

You want to be safe about what information you give out to LGBT couples you talk to on bi couples dating sites. Don’t talk about anything too personal right off the bat. Picking a secure password and guarding your information on the site is just as important. When it comes to hooking up you also want to be safe by using protection, even when it a couples hookup.

A lot of people also feel more confident when with their partners. That confidence can be dangerous, especially if you aren’t careful about where you plan to meetup.

Couples Dating Means Couples Communication

One LGBT couple may take the primary responsibility when it comes to checking for messages and interacting with others on the dating sites for couples but you want to make sure that both of you are involved in the messaging. If only one half of the couple is involved on either side than there may end up being a turnoff, miscommunication, confusion, or any number of other problems. Try to spend a little time together every day to respond to messages. However, it is best to respond to messages as quickly as possible.

Try to find a good way to notate who is talking so that the other LGBT couple knows whom they are engaging with. One easy way is to tag the bottom of the messages with a signature like a traditional letter or email. Or you could have one person write the messages and mention things the other person wants by using their name.

Have Good Communication when Bi Couples or LGBT Couples

Besides having couples communication, you need to have good communication in general. It is important to discuss everyone’s turn-ons and turn-offs, for example. This is especially important with couples hookups as the main focus of the encounter will be sexual. The last thing you want to do is turn off someone and make the fun come to a grinding halt. Just make sure that you don’t bring up sexual stuff right off the bat. Have a good opener and starting conversation.

Discussing what you like doesn’t just mean discussing sexual desires though. It also means discussing what you are looking for. For example, whether you are looking for something serious or something casual.

Another part of having good communication includes responding to messages quickly. Taking your time to respond to messages is okay but you will see better results in getting replies when you respond to every message within a matter of hours. The exception is when it comes to night time.

Make sure to have open communication with your partner before you go seeking couples dating. You want to make sure that you are on the same page in what you are looking for. Also, make sure that they are completely open to the idea. Sometimes partners will agree to something just because they think it is what their LGBT couples want, not because it is something they want.

Do Make Everyone Feel Included

Engaging in couples dating can be a weird dynamic. One that takes a bit of time to master. Even if you are super experienced in the area of couples dating, each new relationship has a different set of rules. A set of rules that needs to be found as you communicate and as you experiment. Don’t be upset if something doesn’t work at first, try to be a solution finder.

Bi couples around the world enjoy having couples hookups and using couples dating sites. There are so many different encounters and relationship types that can be experimented with that almost anyone can find couples encounters they want to try. It is important to follow the rules but even more important is communication. You can see how big of a role it plays in our rules list because it has earned that importance.